Machining Capabilities

  1. Liner Honing
  2. Crank Shaft Grinding
  3. Connecting Rod Boring
  4. Lathe
  5. Valve Refacing
  6. Defric Coating

Components Serviceable in Work Shop

  1. Pumps
    Fuel Oil Pump
    Cooling Water Pump
    Lubricating Oil Pump
    Fuel Feed Pump
    Trochoid Pump
  2. Piston and Connecting Rod
  3. Cylinder Head
  4. Crank and Cam Shaft
  5. Cylinder Liner
  6. Fuel Injector
  7. Turbo Charger
  8. Life Boat Engine
  9. Gear Box

Factory Machine Capability


Machine Description Manufacturer Main Specification
Crankshaft and Cylindrical Grinders CG4100U AZ SPA Max. Distance Between Centers 4100mm
Max. Weight Admitted Between Centers 1500kg
Cylinder Liner Honing & Deglazing Machine (Automatic) HMA 170-360 WAKEFIELD Bore diameter from 170mm to 360mm
Stroke 600-1000mm with Air Stroke Piston Driving type
Cylinder Liner Honing & Deglazing Machine (Manual) HMA 200 WAKEFIELD Bore diameter from 200mm to 400mm
Stroke 2000mm with Air Hoist type
Con-rod Boring and Grinding Machine BR1000 AZ SPA Max. Con-rod Center Distance 1000mm
Max. Boring Diameter 250mm
Max. Grinding Diameter 250mm
Lathes Machine DY760 ANNN YANG Swing over cross slide 510mm
Max. Distance Between Centers 1100mm
Valve Seat Refacing Machine VDS 2.5E LUDWIG HUNGER Valve Seat Diameter from 35mm to 140mm
Valve Seat Angle 45°, 30°, 20°, 0°
Surface Roughness tester SJ-201 MITSUTOYO Measurement Range 350μm
(-200μm to +150μm)
Exhaust And Suction Valve Grinder FGM WAKEFIELD Valve Seat Diameter
from 110mm to 250mm
Defric Coating - - Max. Diameter 360mm
Coating Thickness
(Reference Max. 50μm)
Fuel pump Nozzle Tester 105785-7100 ZEXEL Capacity 4000mm3/st
Pressure gauge 60MPa
Max.Plunger diameter φ20



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