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Diesel Engine, Gearbox, SCR
MET Turbo Charger, Steering Gear, Deck Crane, Water Jet
UE Engine
Diesel Engine
FP/CP Propeller, FP/CP Thruster, K7 Rudder, Gate Rudder
Centrifugal, Screw, and gear pump
Screw and Gear pump, Gearbox
Ballast Water Management System, G/E Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery Unit, Marine Thermal Oil Heater, Marine Composite Boiler, Marine Auxiliary Boiler, Shipboard Incinerator
Marine / Industrial Gearbox
Thermo Resistance Bulb, Pressure Transmitter, Thermometer, Speed Relay
DRUMS Daikai Remote Ubiquitous Monitoring System
Inclinometer, Ballast Remote Control System
Shock Mitigating Seats
Strainers, Filters
Bilge Separator, Bilge Alarm unit, Electric Motor, Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control System
Shaft Horsepower, Meter Combustion, Pressure Monitor, Power Meter
Strainers, Filters, Ozone UV complex system water sterilizer, and Lashing belt for pure car carrier
Marine Growth Prevention System
Marine Air Conditioning System
Sales of electrical cables for marine and industrial
Sales of MGPS for small vessels, FO/LO/CW additives for marine and chemicals
Marine Vessel builder, Shipping & Repair, Project Management & Naval Architect, Winged Air Induction Pipe System, Facilities in Australia and Philippines
Special valve maintenance service for LNG carrier